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    Ikr Can I use the format? Like have it as a standard character sheet?
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    I'd react if it worked
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    ! gaston is a family man with a husban and 3 kids he doesnt do any religeons he does belive in recaration he did hunting on weekends and did night jobs to be with the baby during tthe day
  4. The Federation seeks to loosely unite the various groups around Knox County, by binding them together through mutual co-operation and trade. The organisation is led by Sarah Krakowska, from the Citadel - but each member group manages their own internal affairs. We use the [FED] tag. - Mutual Defense: An attack on one community is considered an attack on all; if a member is attacked it is an obligation of all other members to not only cease trade with the attacker, but to also strike them when the odds are favorable. If a member attacks another community OUTSIDE the Federation the other members are not obligated to aid them, but may do so. If a member attacks another community INSIDE the Federation, that member is expelled and considered a hostile aggressor on the Federation. - Trade: Members are expected to prioritize other members when engaging in trade deals, this is to help ensure that no one is in danger or goes hungry. - Money: Over time we will be using a spent gun cartridge based economy to replace raw trading, this will help make trading easier and promote specialised businesses. The members of the Council.