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    B A C K G R O U N D Ellie grew up in a reasonable average family with both her parents present throughout most of her live. Both of her parents has decided to raise a child at a very responsible age that would allow it Ellie to grow up with no worry for money or any other resources. Although her father loved to spoil her ,her mother made sure she wouldn’t grew into a brat. She grew up with no worries and took interest in art when during her time within Kindergarten. As soon as she started with Elementary school ,she had dropped the whole drawing thing as it didn’t quite suit her - and she got frustrated with the lack of talent she showed. Her grades weren’t exactly very promising ,but she did well in a few subjects and worse in others. Just like any other student. She had attended elementary school with her cousin ,but as soon as they finished they gotten into different High Schools. Ellie had no problems fitting in. Her uplifting spirit and goofy manner had earned her the favour of many. She made friends rather easily and had no quarrel with people. After school ,she enjoyed after school activities with friends , especially Ice Hockey and gaming. Her grades weren’t the best ,but not exactly bad either. She had longed to become a vet ,but due to lacking good grades and an attention span of an child she soon begun worrying about her future. She did not have any particular useful skills ,but she had an unique look to her and a uplifting spirit alike the one of a puppy. As soon as she finished High School ,she decided that going to College would be a waste of time and money. Ellie struggled with jobs at first. Most of them were dropped a few months into them. Her father provided her a stable job for a while and during that time she had worked for her uncle. Doing simple tasks as cleaning the household or carrying groceries. Eventually she heard about the uprise and the easy money made on a live-stream-site called ‘’Twitch’’ ,mainly with the use of video games. Something that Ellie was actually considered to be good in. With little effort Ellie managed to get into community and raised up to top with her cheerful personality and adorable streams. Ellie herself was referred to as ‘’SmallCat’’. She was among the most successful streamers with 1,558,034 followers and 184,917,310 Channel views. Beside Streaming ,she also had a Youtube channel with roughly 800k Subscribers ,to which she uploaded Stream highlights. After managing to getting herself a stable income ,she decided to move out. That was just quite recently too. Her Uncle and father helped her move out and into her small apartment. She lived a rather uncomplicated live afterwards in her small Apartment within Rosewood, doing little aside streaming and occasional visiting large conventions. There were rumors and murmurs about cases of unsettling diseases but Ellie brushed them away with little care. As soon as the uprise of the dead hit ,she was forced outside of her Apartment and barely escaped. Ellie hasn’t figured out what had happened back then and was just aimlessly wandering the streets of fleeing people. Eventually she managed to come across her uncle Mike while randomly straying through the streets. They’ve been wandering together since and joined him when they decided to enter CEDA,although she voices concern towards the group . F A M I L Y L Ö W E N The Löwen Family has orginally migrated from germany back in 1850 and stayed within ever since.The very first to do so was Reinhardt Löwen with his wife and few children. A few of the children have not survived the journey or the live within the new country due to disease but two of them survived and suceeded to continue their line in America. The Löwen family is known to be loyal and hardworking. R E L A T I O N S H I P S Family Love Crush Good Friend Friend Respect Awkward Acquaintance Foe ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Elise Löwen ; Dead ''I was so scared ,mum. I didn't want to check back home , not until I stumbled across Mike. I'm so very sorry I didn't visit often. '' Arthas Löwen ; Dead '' I let you down ,dad. I was so scared. I couldn't manage. I'm so sorry. '' Mike Löwen ; Alive ''I'm so glad I found you ! Although I worry a bit about you. Ever since you saw your wife and daughter, you seem different. I hope I can help you with your struggles,uncle '' O T H E R S C O M I N G